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K.R Sriram ( Founder and Senior Partner)

(FCA, CS, ICWA, MBA (Fin), DISA, CISA, Insolvency Professional)

He is renowned as the founder of K.R Sriram & Co. since 1996 where he has played pivotal role in its growth and success.
He is possesses a strong academic background and a wealth of practice in financial management, compliance, audit , taxation and strategic planning.
He established K.R Sriram & Co. with a vision to provide top notch financial and tax related services to clients.
He possesses a deep understanding of international tax laws, enabling him to guide clients through the complexities of cross-border transaction and international business structure as well as FDI.
His expertise helps clients navigate tax treaties, transfer pricing and cross-border taxation challenges.

Sujatha V

[FCA, B.Com (H)]

Sujatha is a highly skilled and dedicated professional who has been associated as partner since 2010.
Her commitment to excellence and her ability to deliver top-notch financial solution have made her invaluable assets to the Firm.
Her exceptional skills in auditing, taxation and accounts have consistently delivered great to clients, making her a respected and highly regarded professional within the organization and the industry.

Rajesh Singh

(FCA, B.Com, Cert. FAFD)

Rajesh is a dynamic and accomplished professional who associated as partner since 2019.
With his specialized expertise in GST (Goods and Service Tax) and Direct Taxation, he has played a crucial role in providing valuable financials advice and consulting services to numerous Starts - ups and MSMEs.
Rajesh’s in-depth knowledge of taxations laws and his keen business acumen have earned him a reputation as a trusted Chartered Accountant & Consultant for entrepreneurs seeking to streamline their business.
His multifaceted skills and dedication have earned him a distinguished place within the team at K.R Sriram & Co. His commitment to providing outstanding financial services and his ability to effectively tackle complex financial challenges make him a sought-after consultant in the industry.
His contribution have not only benefited the firm but also empowered countless entrepreneurs to achieve financial stability and success in their ventures

Rohit Prasad

(ACA, B.Com(H) Cert. FAFD)

Rohit is young and dynamic Chartered Accountant who has made a significant impact as a partner at K.R Sriram & Co.
His exceptional dedication and passion for his work are reflected in his outstanding expertise in GST Litigation.
As a valuable team member , Rohit plays a crucial role in handling complex GST Litigation cases, representing clients before adjudicating officers.
His commitment to delivering excellent results and his enthusiasm for the field make him a highly respected and valued member of the team.
His ability to navigate complex legal matters, coupled with his enthusiasm for his field, sets him apart as a young and accomplished CA.
Clients trust him to provide comprehensive and strategic solution to their GSTrelated challenges, and his outstanding work ethic has earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and clients alike.

Key Resources

1. Sidhartha Acharya [Manager - Audit and Accounts]
2. Raj Kumar Singh [Manager - Corporate Law]
3. Jayanta Mitra [Manager - Admin]
4. Anil kr Yadav [Manager - Taxation]

Other Resources:

1. Rajib Sen Majumdar [NGO and Trust Accounting/ Audit/ Taxation related matters]
2. Mrs. Mitra Bhattacharya [Accounts expert]
3. Goutam Kurmi [Accounting, Taxation and Filings etc]
4. Shankar Das [Accounting, Taxation and Filings etc]
5. Raj Kumar Manna [Accounting, Taxation and Filings etc]
6. Prince Kumar Singh [Accounting, Taxation and Filings etc]
7. Champa Banerjee [TDS, GST, Data management]

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