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Audit & Attestation Services

Our firm believes in providing independent audit and attestation services with due professional care.

Being a Chartered Accounting Firm , this is our back bone service. We provide Audit and Attestation services across all spheres of Industries and catering to all sizes of business.

Our team is adequately trained with modern methods of risk management and audit to perform independent audit services.

Statutory Audit

The firm offers Statutory Audit & Attestation services to its clients. The firm has over the years worked on various aspects of the Audit Services to cater to a wide variety of clients from Manufacturing to Trading to Entertainment to Hospitality. We understand that traditional audit processes have been replaced by Risk-Based Audit and with emphasis on various factors specified in the statutes. We have a well-trained and updated team to handle the services arising out of these changes over the years. We focus our efforts on updating and rigorous training of our team towards working in a system driven environment and to working around the computers.

The Statutory Audit Services include Audit mandated by Income tax, GST, and Other Authorities.

Internal Audit

The basis of internal Audit has undergone a sea change over the years and is currently become an audit which works on processes, risk assessments and identifying and fixing control weaknesses and leakages. This being the need of the four, our team regularly undergoes training and updations through seminars and workshops which ensures that they can provide real value to clients in terms of their reporting.

In terms of the Industry and Sector Coverage, our partner having 26+ Years of experience has worked extensively across all industries and is in a position to provide industry relevant inputs.

Special Audits and Due Diligence

Our experience with clients , indicate that other than the statutory and internal audits, clients often seek special assignment in audit of specific areas based on their assessments. Further with Mergers/ Amalgamations/ Take-Overs being the order of the corporate business world today, the need for due-diligence is an integral part of these processes. We have adequate experience and expertise to perform these special exercises including Due Diligence of firms/ companies.

Forensic Audit

The latest entrant in the audit scenario is the Forensic Audit which has been brought into limelight with the Insolvency laws. Forensic Audit involves a detailed audit more like an investigation , which goes into the trail of money and its implications. This is a very effective tool to unearth money laundering and other activities. Our team has qualified forensic audit professionals who perform these assignments on behalf of clients.

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