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Trust and Charities

Trusts and Charities also require meticulous planning to keep it alive and functioning, we guide them through the whole process.


We specialise in the area of setting up of Trusts, Charities and advice persons on the right way forward in undertaking charitable activities. It is important to note that during set-up certain basic activities need to be put in place for efficient tax and other operational management of the organisation. Our Team works closely with the founders/authors to ensure that the trusts/charities avail of all legally allowable benefits that accrue to the charities.

Administration and Tax Advisory

The aspect of charities in India has come under the scanner in view of certain entities and further during the day to day operations of these organisations, the management need to have clear interpretation of laws to ensure that their exemptions and benefits of running a charity does not come under scanner and even of it comes under scanner, there are adequate documentations and safeguards to handle the queries.

Assessments and Returns

The filing of Income tax Returns for Charities are quite complex and our team, having handled 50+ Organisations have developed adequate expertise to file returns precisely and accurately, not requiring resubmissions or queries.

Further our team can also handle Income Tax Assessments at all levels in respect of charities and over the years have successfully defended its clients.

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